Marilyns Own

WHY use Marilyn's Own Soil Conditioner

Marilyn’s Own Soil Conditioner will put life back into your soil NATURALLY.

It is a Natural SOILution for improving soils, planting mix, sand, etc.

Most soil preparation consists of a fertilizer and a “bulk organic”, which is usually some type of compost (re: greenwaste, various types of wood

shavings, etc.). Most bulk organics are composted anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. They contribute organic matter, bulk to hold water and

break up clay type soils, etc. Humate products, such as Marilyn’s Own 100% Natural Soil Conditioner, have been aging for millions of years.

Humates are very complex and rich in minerals, organic matter, carbon, humic and fulvic acids, which are all necessary components of a healthy soil

or growing medium. It’s like giving a “super potency” vitamin to your soil and plants.

WHERE to use Marilyn’s Own Soil Conditioner:

  • Color Beds with 6-20-20 Fertilizer / Native Plants / Container Plants / Roses
  • Vegetable Gardens / Fruit Trees / Herbs / Lawn
  • Increase action of composting: e.g. lawn clippings, garden compost
  • Increase action of other organic materials; e.g. compost, manure products

WHEN to use Marilyn’s Own Soil Conditioner WITH Fertilizer:

Select Fertilizer per plant or soil needs:

Flowers, Fruit & Blooming Plants: 6-20-20 (half the rate) + Marilyn’s Own Soil Conditioner

Grass/Lawn: High nitrogen fertilizers or slow release + Marilyn’s Own Soil Conditioner

Note: Use Marilyn’s Own tm Shaker 120 mycorrhizal inoculum with new’ll love the RESULTS!