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MO Mycorrhizal Products (Beneficial PLANT ROOT FUNGI): MO MY PERFECT GARDEN

SOME BENEFITS OF MYCORRHIZAE: Increase Root Size and Structure / Greater Moisture & Nutrient Uptake / Increase Soil Aeration and Drainage / Reduce Transplant Shock/ Increase Plant Establishment / Increase Plant’s Ability to Resist Disease / Reduce Use of Herbicides and Pesticides

What is it? Mycorrhizal fungi form the foundation of the micro-organism community in most terrestrial vegetation. The fungi will permeate the soil and inter connect the root systems, including different plant species. Myco = fungi Rhiza = roots Pronounced: my – co – rye - zi

WHY use it? Because the fungi provide benefits that greatly enhance the health of plants/trees/grass, and help save and use water more effectively. Very helpful/effective in poor or difficult soil conditions. Poor soils often do not have the environment that includes mycorrhizae naturally, but now it can be added.

WHEN do I use it? It can be used throughout the year in our mild climate. You will see a quicker response during warmer seasons when the soil temperature is higher than in late Fall and Winter. Most fungi require direct access to roots to establish a symbiotic relationship. Marilyn’s Own My Perfect Garden ™ can be applied topically to the soil surface……..fungi in these products will move down through soil profile, or new planting or transplanting.

WHERE do I use it? The products available now can be used on most plant materials (grass/trees/plants). Specific fungi colonize certain plants. It is easy to determine which fungi works with which plant……check out the list! If it does not form a relationship with the plant’s roots, it becomes part of the micro-organism food chain within the soil. No harm if too much is applied or not the correct fungi for that plant. Fungi are sensitive to excessive phosphorus. Store in cool dry location. Refer to Tri-C Plant List for specific plant species.