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A Unique Natural SOIL CONDITIONER (Humate)

Datasheet: Natural Soil Conditioner Datasheet (PDF)

WHAT is it? A unique natural material derived from prehistoric plant vegetation, mined from deposits along the continental divide. Humate benefits include: rich minerals, carbon, natural matter, humic acids, and beneficial bacteria.

WHY use it? It provides poor and challenging soils essential elements that will dramatically improve its texture over time. Humate helps save water, chelate micro/macro nutrients into available form for plant use; helps develop deep root systems; provides fuel for microbial activity; improves plant’s health and ability to resist disease, etc.

WHEN do I use it? It can be used throughout the year in our mild climates, and in greenhouses in colder climates till temperature warms up. You will see a quicker response during warmer seasons when the soil temperature is higher than in late Fall and Winter.

WHERE do I use it? It can be used in any type of soil medium, e.g. clay, sand, light weight mixes. It is used in soil preparation, maintenance…..the difference is the amount used. The amount used depends on how much soil you are affecting, whether it’s an 8 – 12 inch depth for soil prep, or just a topical soil application. ALSO A GREAT COMPOST ENHANCER...sprinkle a little on top when adding new material to the compost!!


Improves Soil Aeration
Neutralizes Soil pH
Accelerates Seed Germination
Improves Soil Workability
Increased Ion Exchange
Increases + Microorganisms
Increased Water Holding
Increased Mineral Uptake
Increases Root Growth
Reduces Soil Erosion
Regulates Fertilizer in Root zone
Increases Nutrient Uptake
Improves Drought Tolerance
Reduces Plant Stress
Increases Photosynthesis


MO Natural Soil
For all around use, an ideal choice (SOIL AMENDMENT) ENHANCES / FEEDS ALL SOIL MEDIUMS
A blend of 8 endo-ectto speciies mycorrhizal fungi +Humate natural soil conditioner (SOIL & ROOT AMENDMENT) FEEDS SOIL & BETTER ROOTS