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Puff's Prehistoric Powder - Humic Acid Amendment

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Hydroponics/ Foliar (Spray)

Pu’s Powder is a highly concentrated natural humic conditioner that has been decomposing for millions of years. It is a mined material with minimum 35% humic acids. Pu’s Powder is mined from a site with a sand matrix, originally fresh water, and located just below the Earth’s crust. Air exchanged during decomposition has created a stable natural material.

Benefits Of Puff's Prehistoric Powder

  • All natural – non-toxic
  • Accelerates seed Germination
  • Increases Root Growth
  • Increases Nutrient Uptake
  • Increases Plant Health
  • Buying Product Not Water
  • Makes 144 Gallons
  • Add to compost tea or compost
  • Easy to use
  • Highly concentrated, soluble.

1 OUNCE of product weight = 2 tablespoons in volume

Mixing: May be mixed with most mechanical equipment, and applied (foliar) through sprayer that has not been used for herbicides and/or pesticides.

Application Rates:

Application Method

Mixing Quantity

Area Coverage

Feed During Growing Season


2 tsp. per
4 gallons

per container

ReApply every
14-21 days


FOLIAR 1 tsp. per
4 gallons

Per 500 sq. ft.

ReApply every
14-21 days

*If pre-soaking seeds do not use any other products during the soak.

PDF Label: Puffs Label.pdf